New Member Orientation Feb. 1, March 7, April 4

New member orientation will take place the first Saturday of February, March, and April in the classroom at the range.  The class starts at 11:00am and should be completed by 1:00pm.  The gate will be open at 10:30.  You will not be shooting on that day.  Once you complete the orientation your gate code will be emailed to you within a few days. 

If you haven’t yet signed up you can bring your registration and dues to the orientation.  Make sure you fill out the registration entirely including the NRA information.

Fremont County Friends of NRA Banquet Friday Feb. 7th

Fremont County NRA Banquet

Canon City Colorado 150th Anniversary Rifle 2020

Sportsmans Raffle 2020

Table Package


Reckless & Dangerous Issue at the Range

During the annual range clean-up activities at the range on Saturday, May 18th, a reckless & dangerous issue was uncovered at the range. Two of our NO Trespassing signs mounted on our fence line HAVE BEEN SHOT FROM INSIDE THE RANGE, and it was determined that they were definitely shot intentionally, and in the general direction of the new houses (southeast of the range). The projectiles glanced off of the signs and did not puncture either.

Of course this is a serious safety issue, not to mention a member or their guests treating the range with the utmost disrespect. This behavior cannot be tolerated, and if the perpetrator(s) is found, their membership will be revoked and criminal referrals could be made to the Sheriff’s office.

We ask that anyone with definitive proof of who has committed these acts to contact the SSSC via our club president Grant Lewinski [Tel: 719-371-6236 Email:] under the protection of complete anonymity.

Remember…this is YOUR RANGE. This kind of reckless behavior could result in us losing our range or, much worse, result in injury or death to an innocent resident.