Invited Guests Q & A

1. As a current SSSC Individual Member, may I bring guests to the range as observers or for shooting ?

Yes. SSSC members recognize that we are fortunate to have an excellent shooting facility, and we are anxious to introduce our children, friends and associates to firearms safety and shooting fun.

However, we must have some parameters to address safety and liability when guests are involved. The following are the SSSC policies regarding invited Guests:

  • A Guest is a non-member who is invited by, and accompanies an Individual Member. An Invited Guest may include:
    • Individual Member’s household family that do not qualify for membership, i.e. under 18 years old, not an active NRA member, etc.
    • Friends, family or business associates that live nearby or are visiting from out-of-town.
    • A shooting participant, or a non-shooting observer.
  • All Guests, whether shooting or observing, must wear proper eye and ear protection.
  • Guest privileges should not be abused. For example, a person that is a shooting Guest more than a couple times per year should consider an Individual Membership.
  • For reasons of practical supervision and safety, there is a limit of two actively shooting Guests at any one time per hosting Individual Member.  The member’s other guests should stay on the patio of the clubhouse. 
  • The hosting Individual Member has 100% responsibility and liability for the behavior and actions of all shooting and non-shooting Guests, from the time that they enter the range until they exit.