CCW Class, New Member Orientation, Range Clean-up and Improvement Day – This Saturday! May 18th

CCW and New Member Orientation are coming up May 18th.   The CCW class will start at noon.  The new member orientation will start at 10 as will the clean-up day.   For more information contact the club at .

Video from Night Shooting Event

Sangre Shooting Sports Club – Westcliffe Colorado – Night Shooting Live Fire Training – 4/23/24 – YouTube

Range Clean Up and Improvement Day May 18th 10AM

Range Clean-up and Improvement Day Saturday May 18th –  We will be building new target stands and replacing target bases, painting the signboard and other spots that need to be painted, a building project along the shooting line, clearing up weeds and brush, filling critter holes in the driveway, picking up brass, and cleaning the pit house and clubhouse.  Bring tools you will need for whichever project you will be working on.  Also, remember we don’t have running water.  We will have water to drink but you may want to bring water for cleanup.  We will “pay” by providing lunch!  We will be starting at 10:00.  We should be done by noon.  If you can only stay for a short time, that’s okay too!  


First Time Gun Buyers Class

The Sangre Shooting Sports Club is sponsoring a class to assist first time gun buyers to select the correct handgun for themselves. This educational and enjoyable lecture is informative and useful. It is a hands-on class. It can provide the needed confidence about making the right choice for a first gun. New gun owners can also benefit from this class as it may help to reinforce the buyer’s original decision as well as provide additional insight. The class and the instructor are personally endorsed by Custer County Sheriff Rich Smith. Before we can set a date, time, place, and cost, it is important that the number of committed participants sign up. Sign-ups can be done online at, ATTN: Tom Sullivan or Peggi Collins.


The membership forms for 2024 are now available.  The link to the forms is on the left side of the Club page.   If you need to renew your NRA membership, please use our link.

M1 Shoot

Prone Stages

Prone Stages

Can you see the 200 yard targets ?

Can you see the 200 yard targets ?





Top 3 Shooters

Top 3 Shooters



Father passes on to son shooting's Safety, Fun, Proficiency
Father passes on to son shooting’s
Safety, Fun, Proficiency

Mike Allen Training Session

Proud students

Proud instructor & students



General Q & A

1. How can I communicate with the SSSC Board members ?

Before contacting a club officer with a question, please review these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) in the below sections.

Questions may be asked, or inputs may be made in the following ways:

  • Visit the Contact Us page on the SSSC Web site… 
  • Send us an e-mail…
  • Message us through our Facebook page
  • Attend the annual SSSC general membership meeting usually held in January.

2. Is the SSSC registered with the Civilian Marksmanship Program ?
Yes. We are listed as an affiliated club on the CMP web site
SSSC members are able to purchase surplus rifles, ammunition, accessories, etc. via the CMP program. Our CMP # is 051079

3. Can I host a special event at the SSSC range ?
Yes. Special events—training classes, shooting programs—can be accommodated. The Club’s board of directors must review and approve all requests in advance.
Refer to the Forms section of the web site for an Event Request & Authorization  form to complete and submit to the SSSC board.

4. What is the policy regarding use of the new electrical power at SSSC range ?
Installation of electrical power to the range was completed in October, 2016. In addition to power receptacles along the shooting line, lights were installed along the shooting line, and heaters installed in the clubhouse. The range light switches and the clubhouse are locked, but are available for approved events. The unlocked power receptacles along the shooting line are active and available for member use.


Membership Q & A

1. What are the requirements for a NEW SSSC individual membership ?
The following are the steps for a NEW individual member application:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be an on-going NRA member. Can be a life member. If you renew your NRA membership annually, you must ensure that the NRA membership remains active/renewed throughout the entire SSSC membership period)
  • Successfully complete an SSSC Range Safety Orientation Class…refer to the Club’s Web site (
  • Complete & submit the NEW Membership Application form that is available from the Club’s web site (
  • Complete & submit the NRA Pledge, Release Agreement & Waiver of Liability form that is available from the Club’s web site (
  • Submit payment of the $40 annual membership fee (check payable to Sangre Shooting Sports Club)

2. What are the requirements for a RENEWAL of a current SSSC individual membership ?
The following are the steps for a RENEWAL of current individual member application [including NRA & SSSC life members]:

  • Must be an on-going NRA member. Can be a life member. If you renew your NRA membership annually, you must ensure that the NRA membership remains active/renewed throughout the entire SSSC membership period)
  • Complete & submit the Renewal Membership Application form that is available from the Club’s web site (
  • Submit payment of the $40 annual membership fee prior to February 28th. After that date, the fee is $50.00. (check payable to Sangre Shooting Sports Club)

3. What are the requirements for an SSSC individual membership for a PREVIOUS MEMBER that allowed their membership to expire ?
For previous members who are not currently active and wish to rejoin [including NRA & SSSC life members] the application process is as follows:

  • Previous members who have allowed their membership to lapse and wish to rejoin must follow the NEW MEMBER application procedure, including attending a Safety Orientation class.

4. If I am a life member of the NRA or a life member of the SSSC, previously filled out the SSSC membership paperwork, and my personal information has not changed, why do I have to complete more paperwork each year to continue my membership ?

All new applicants, renewing applicants, previous members who are reapplying after an interruption in membership, NRA life members, and SSSC life members are required to follow the procedures for on-going SSSC membership. The annual membership procedures can be found on the club’s Web site (

These parameters are in place to protect our privileged status with and allegiance to the NRA, to frequently remind participants of the more important safety rules, and to keep our membership informed of changes and updates. Member safety, our insurance policy and legal responsibilities that relate to keeping our range, and staying up on policy changes, are some of the justifications for the implemented procedures. But, most importantly and simply, these are the club’s policies and procedures for membership. To a few of our associates the procedures might seem cumbersome. To the vast majority they are understood, accepted and followed.

The SSSC policies & procedures and range rules are frequently reviewed, updated as necessary and  implemented by the elected board of directors, as well as communicated to the membership at annual meetings. They are also published on the club’s Web site (, and the range rules are posted at the range.

5. Is the annual fee amount prorated if I join during the year ?

6. What types of memberships are available ?
Only individual memberships are offered at this time.
An individual membership affords the member all Club benefits, including: unsupervised access to the SSSC range facility and use of all range resources; participation in SSSC sponsored events; access to the Civilian marksmanship Program (CMP); and hosting of guests at the range, including up to two actively shooting guests.

7. Is there a special fee for family or other special memberships ?
Only individual memberships are offered at this time.

8. As a new member applicant, how do I arrange for a range safety orientation class ?
Range Safety Orientation classes are usually held the 3rd Saturday of the month from 10-noon at the range.  Additional classes may be scheduled from time to time. Check our Facebook page or this webpage for updates.    

9. After I’ve satisfied all of the new membership requirements, how soon will I be able to access the range ?
Typically within 10-days of completion of all membership requirements, an individual range electronic gate code will be communicated to you via e-mail.