Gun Cleaning Class – July 25th

Bob Manthei will be teaching a gun cleaning class! The purpose of this class is to teach you how to field strip your firearm in order do basic cleaning after shooting and maintain your firearm in proper working condition. You will learn how to use your owner’s manual to do this.

Bring ONE unloaded firearm, the owners manual (available online to print), rubber gloves, safety glasses, caliber specific gun cleaning kit, synthetic gun cleaning spray & lube.

If you do not have a caliber specific gun cleaning kit or synthetic gun cleaning spray and lube contact Bob and he will order it for you.

Registration is required to insure required materials & documentation is available and scheduling can be done to insure proper social distancing is maintained.

Call Bob @ 719-371-2968 to sign up before Thursday July 23th.

Sight-in Days – Open to the Public

Open to members and non-members. Hours 10-4

    Friday, Sept. 11th – before Muzzleloader season

    Friday, Oct. 2nd – before 1st Rifle Season

    Friday, Oct. 23rd – before 2nd Rifle Season

    Friday, Nov. 6th – before 3rd Rifle Season

    Tuesday, Nov. 17th – before 4th Rifle Season

Range Clean Up Day and BBQ June 27th

Range Clean Up Day and BBQ next Saturday June 27th, from 9 am until 1 PM. This event is open to All club members and potential members.

Please plan on attending and bring your work gloves and any of the following: hand tools, rake, shovel, broom, weed wacker, painting clothes, bucket of water ( as there is no water on site) and some rags.

The BBQ will start about noon.

Please note that the Shooting Range will be closed for shooting until about 3:00.

Check out our Facebook Page!

Just search for the Sangre Shooting Sports Club and you will find us. 

New Member Orientation

New member orientation Sept 19th

Class starts at 10:00AM and should be completed by 11:30 AM.   Class will probably be held outside.  Since it will be Open to the Public Day you will be able to shoot once you have completed class.  You will have to leave by 2:00PM since you won’t have a gate code and you’d need a code to exit the range.  Your gate code will be emailed to you within a few days after the class. 

If you haven’t yet signed up you can bring your registration and dues to the orientation.  Make sure you fill out the registration entirely including the NRA information.  You can sign up for your NRA membership from the link on our page.


Reckless & Dangerous Issue at the Range

During the annual range clean-up activities at the range on Saturday, May 18th, a reckless & dangerous issue was uncovered at the range. Two of our NO Trespassing signs mounted on our fence line HAVE BEEN SHOT FROM INSIDE THE RANGE, and it was determined that they were definitely shot intentionally, and in the general direction of the new houses (southeast of the range). The projectiles glanced off of the signs and did not puncture either.

Of course this is a serious safety issue, not to mention a member or their guests treating the range with the utmost disrespect. This behavior cannot be tolerated, and if the perpetrator(s) is found, their membership will be revoked and criminal referrals could be made to the Sheriff’s office.

We ask that anyone with definitive proof of who has committed these acts to contact the SSSC via our club president Grant Lewinski [Tel: 719-371-6236 Email:] under the protection of complete anonymity.

Remember…this is YOUR RANGE. This kind of reckless behavior could result in us losing our range or, much worse, result in injury or death to an innocent resident.


M1 Shoot

Prone Stages

Prone Stages

Can you see the 200 yard targets ?

Can you see the 200 yard targets ?





Top 3 Shooters

Top 3 Shooters



Father passes on to son shooting's Safety, Fun, Proficiency
Father passes on to son shooting’s
Safety, Fun, Proficiency

Mike Allen Training Session

Proud students

Proud instructor & students



General Q & A

1. How can I communicate with the SSSC Board members ?

Before contacting a club officer with a question, please review these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) in the below sections.

Questions may be asked, or inputs may be made in the following ways:

  • Visit the Contact Us page on the SSSC Web site… 
  • Send us an e-mail…
  • Message us through our Facebook page
  • Attend the annual SSSC general membership meeting usually held in January.

2. Is the SSSC registered with the Civilian Marksmanship Program ?
Yes. We are listed as an affiliated club on the CMP web site
SSSC members are able to purchase surplus rifles, ammunition, accessories, etc. via the CMP program. Our CMP # is 051079

3. Can I host a special event at the SSSC range ?
Yes. Special events—training classes, shooting programs—can be accommodated. The Club’s board of directors must review and approve all requests in advance.
Refer to the Forms section of the web site for an Event Request & Authorization  form to complete and submit to the SSSC board.

4. What is the policy regarding use of the new electrical power at SSSC range ?
Installation of electrical power to the range was completed in October, 2016. In addition to power receptacles along the shooting line, lights were installed along the shooting line, and heaters installed in the clubhouse. The range light switches and the clubhouse are locked, but are available for approved events. The unlocked power receptacles along the shooting line are active and available for member use.